Wednesday, December 3, 2014

STOP Catering to the Bullies - That Just May Solve the Problem with Bullying in the School System Today!

Why is it that when a child is being bullied by another child at school it turns out that the bullied child is the one who in essence gets punished?  Where is the accountability for the child who bullies other kids.  When asked this question of school officials, their comment always seems to be "Oh "so and so" has a hard life, "so and so's" parents don't do enough, "so and so" needs to be treated better.  Excuses are made, yet nothing is done to solve the problems that creates these excuses.  Instead the bullied child ends up being the punished one.

When my son was in kindergarten, the older kids were picking on the younger ones on the school bus.  They were doing the typical things kids do on buses, taking lunch money, not letting younger ones sit where they want.  When I found out my son wasn't eating lunch because 5th grade boys were taking his lunch money every day, I went to the school.  You know what I was told?! "Drive your son to school so he doesn't have to deal with the kids on the bus."  So actually in essence I was the one who was punished in that scenario.  Every child has a right to ride their school bus in a peaceful manner without being picked on and STOLEN from.  Not once did the school talk to these mean boys who were taking the little kids' money from them!  What does that teach the bully?  It teaches them that the school system will back them up, and they can keep right on doing what they are doing - terrorizing other kids.

In first grade the same son came home with the imprint of a chain link fence on his face.  Really?  No teacher noticed this?  I was not notified by the school that anything had happened to him.  Turns out a bunch of 3rd grade boys thought it'd be funny to bash my son's head into the school playground's fence repeatedly.  When I called the school, this is how they handled it:  It was decided that during recess my son had to sit with the teachers at the picnic table so they could watch him to make sure no one did anything to him.  Why not watch the mean, bully kids and make sure they are NOT smashing other kids' faces into fences. Why not have the teachers WALK around the playground to ensure all kids are safe rather than just SIT at a picnic table that is at one end of the playground?

Fast forward to high school.  One the very first day of school my son and his friends sat at a lunch table.  That group of kids sat there every day for the first 6 months of school.  Then one day some other kid started sitting there too. All during lunch he would make fun of everyone at the table and cause problems.  His bullying of one girl in particular got so bad, that my son and another boy went to the dean to tell him what was going on as the girl who was being bullied by this new guy was getting very distraught over it.  What did the school do?  Everyone who had sat at that lunch table for 6 months had to go find new lunch tables to sit at so this bully could have the lunch table to himself!  By then, the kids had to all eat at different tables, which was ok, that's not my point.  My point is, why wasn't the kid that was being mean to everyone at the table made to go sit elsewhere?  Why? Because the schools cater to the bullies!

One last note on how the schools cater to the bullies.  My own daughter has a gal in her class that is extremely mean to other girls, especially one in particular.  She's actually nice to my daughter, however she is extremely mean to her best friend.  She constantly picks on her because of her larger size.  When the school was confronted by the mother of the bullied girl they told her that the girl had a hard home life and that's why she acts the way she does.  People are nice to her, yet she doesn't have to be nice to others because she has a rough home life?  Shouldn't the teachers, school counselor and staff take it upon themselves to teach this girl how to treat people in a proper manner rather than condone her behavior?  Condoning this behavior makes her think it is acceptable behavior to ridicule others.

Catering and letting bullies know it's ok to do what they do only makes the matter worse!  If schools would start cracking down on the bully rather than the kids who report it, this problem could be curbed.  An incident is occurring in one of my son's current classes at the high school.  A boy is videotaping kids during class and posting these videos online with extremely rude comments DURING class!  Why is the teacher NOT doing something about this?  I asked my son for the kids name so I could report it and he said "I don't want to tell you cause he will just make our lives even worse."  Nice!  Kids don't report bullying because they know NOTHING will be done.  I know nothing will be done too.  It happens over and over and over again - bullying occurs, kids report it, kids who report it have their privileges and rights to being safe at school taken away.   Kids also, by the time they reach high school, don't feel safe when reporting a bully. 

Have you witnessed occurrences at your child's school where the bully has been catered to rather than punished?

Friday, November 1, 2013

10 Reasons When You Know You'll Have Unexpected Company

 You know darn well unexpected company will stop over when:

1.  You've been gone for five days, but hubby and the kids have been home.

2.  You're in the middle of rearranging the whole entire house.

3.  You're working on a huge project which has items strewn all about.

4.  You actually decided to take a day to do nothing.

5.  The cat has just drug a rat in.

6.  The dog has gotten into the bathroom trash to get the feminine stuff that's wrapped up in it.

7.  There's not a clean dish in the house.

8.  You've gone on strike until hubby takes the garbage out.

9.  You've cleaned out the closets and have clothes piled high on the living room furniture.

10.  You had a nice adult party the night before and hadn't gotten around to cleaning up the beer cans and wine glasses - as if you were still in college!

Any I've missed?  I'm sure there's plenty.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

If You Won't Give Candy to All Trick or Treaters Turn Your Light Off and Don't Give Any Candy Out!

So a nutty woman in North Dakota seems to think it is her duty to give notes to overweight kids on Halloween telling them they are FAT and deserve no candy.  That's not exactly what her note states, but that's basically how the kids are going to take it!

Goodness!  This woman must never have enjoyed Halloween as a kid.  How do you tell "chubby" kids they should not trick or treat just because everyone else is doing it?  One thing she is forgetting - Trick or Treating may be the most exercise some of these kids get all year!  So she's actually doing them a disservice!

The woman claims that she is contributing to their health issues by passing out candy.  There are many skinny kids who have health issues.  And EVERY kid has teeth that can rot.  So why is she only picking on the fat kids?  If she doesn't want to give out candy to one set of kids she shouldn't be giving candy out to any set of kids.  I learned that concept of fairness quite well by the third grade!

Lighten up!  Halloween is the ONE night of the year that kids can still be a kid, run around the neighborhood and collect crap loads of candy.  One giant bag a candy (that most kids never end up eating all of anyway) is not going to kill them!  Let them have some fun!

Oh! And who's house do you think is going to get egged the most this Halloween?

Here's the full story in case you missed it:  Evil Women Won't Give Candy to Chubby Trick or Treaters

Monday, October 28, 2013

That Dog!

Now does this look like the kind of dog that someone would call the police about?  When walking this little sweetie, Mr. Waffles is his name, Mr. Crap Apple around the block bangs on his window and always comes out yelling at me not to bring "that dog" by his house.  Apparently Mr. Crap Apple doesn't know that the sidewalk in front of his house is PUBLIC property.  I can walk my dog in front of his house any time I please, as long as he is on a leash - which he was.  

So today Mr. Crap Apple was in rare form! I don't go by his house with Mr. Waffles every day, maybe only once a week or so.  As we approached his end of the sidewalk, he immediately started banging on his kitchen window.  He must just sit in that window in wait for anyone to pass by to harass! He banged and yelled through the window and then came outside still yelling.  Why?  Because I was walking a dog on a leash on a PUBLIC sidewalk!  He yelled and said he had called the police!  Really?  He now has proven to me that he is clearly NUTSO!  Before I got to the end of the block the Public Service vehicle from the suburb of Chicago I was in came by.  Needless to say, Mr. Waffles was on a leash, and I even had the bag with me to pick up his poop in case he pooped.  So I broke no law.  On the other hand, calling the police to report a frivolous dog walking on a leash with it's owner is borderline.  It's like those people who call the police to report their McNuggets were no good.  He should get a fine from the town.  Big time!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Rigamortis and Other Silly Names We Used to Call Our Teachers

We all had them - silly names for our teachers.  Usually these pet names were reserved for the teachers we really didn't like.  

We had a band teacher who barely moved, no expression on his face, and I don't think his lips moved if he ever did say a word.  We called him Rigamortis. I could not tell you what his real name was.  I have no clue!

Miss Demary was always doing really dumb stuff.  She was our jr. high science teacher.  She electrocuted some fish, got sprayed by the lab sinks, had the film wheel fly off the projector so a whole film was all over the classroom.  Every day was a calamity in her classroom.  She really was dumb, so we called her Miss Dummary.  Very fitting!

We had a study hall teacher in high school named Rose Dick.  Well you can imagine all the nice nicknames she got!

Our principal's name was Dino. Yes Dino!  So kids would bark like Dino from the Flintstones after he'd leave the classroom.  Maybe we were the dumb ones, cause that's really not very funny now.

The Spitter was the chorus teacher who literally spat on us ALL during class!

Sitting Bull.  Well SHE looked just like Sitting Bull!

The Phantom would weave in and out of classes unnoticed.  One moment he'd be there, and the next he'd be gone.  And you'd never know how he got there, let alone how he left.  It was very creepy. Imagine sitting at your desk and all of a sudden a teacher sitting right next to you that you never noticed sit down.

In college one of my professors clearly was always stoned.  She was Stonita!

Benny Hill was one of my college band directors.  Looked just like him.  No clue what his name is either.  We always called him Benny.  I wonder if he ever knew?  I wonder if any of them ever knew what we called them?  You think they did?

What are some of the names you all gave to your "favorite" teachers?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Where Did My America Go? By Karen Starks

This image, titled Uncle Sam Consoling Lady Liberty, is just about one of the saddest things I've seen in a very long time. Unfortunately America is at this point, and it goes very well with the poem below that I came across today. It pretty much sums up what is going on in these former fine states.  Such a shame people are literally not just letting, but throwing away their freedoms.  Absolutely NOTHING makes any sense anymore - except maybe this poem.  Thank you Karen Starks!

Where did my America go?
A country strong and proud
Morale was high, unemployment low
Free speech was allowed

Where did my America go?
When it was God who ruled this land
Built to greatness by the average Joe
We all stood hand in hand

Where did my America go?
Where outside, the children would play
Ate healthy foods to help them grow
‘The Pledge of Allegiance’ started their day

Where did my America go?
When our leaders … truly led
Not some dog and pony show
We could believe in what they said

Where did my America go?
Did our brave soldiers die in vain
It’s hard to know, friend from foe
Can someone please explain

Where did my America go?
Why doesn’t anyone care
How can some of you still not know
The dream has become a nightmare

                                 -Karen Starks

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Grocery Stick ~ I Never Knew It Had Such Value!

Recognize these things?  They are the little sticks that you put in between each customer's grocery stash on the conveyer belt at the check out line.  I did not know how important these things are until I moved back to Chicago!

Having lived in South Carolina for the past 20 years, we did not get to use these precious items very often.  You see, rarely was there a line at the grocery store.  Sometimes there would be a line. So every so often the person in back of you might put one of these sticks down after your items to separate theirs from yours.  Other times they would just leave some space.  The cashiers in South Carolina are smart enough to realize that when there is a large space between items on the conveyor belt that means they are the next customer's groceries.

Apparently the laws of the grocery stick are very different up here in Chicago!  I've had to learn it the hard, the rude Chicago way, too.  I did not know that after you put your groceries on the conveyor belt that YOU have to put the stick down after your groceries.  I've had people behind me pick up the stick and slam it down after my items. I've had people huff and puff because they had to pick up that oh so heavy stick and place it before their items.  Frankly, it would have saved them all that effort if they had just left the space after my items, but I guess the cashiers in Chicago aren't smart enough to figure that out.  Others have flat out yelled at me.  So now, if guess in defiance, I cannot seem to remember to put that darn stick down after my groceries!

The other day I was at Walgreen's.  I had a few items on their little check out counter.  The woman in back of me had a bunch of items to put up there and she was bound and determined to get every last one of those items on that counter along with mine.  She started yelling at me "Where's the stick!  Where's the stick!!"  There was NO stick!  The check out lady had to explain to her that Walgreen's did not have a stick to put down.  The lady then proceeded to yell at the cashier inquiring as to why Walgreen's has no stick!  She was about to go ballistic over a dang grocery stick!!  

Needless to say, I am glad I have a lot more important things to be so anal about other than a grocery stick.  

*On a side note, notice the photo above of the grocery sticks.  They clearly have advertising on them.  I've never noticed advertising on them before. Have you?  Usually they have the actually store's name on them.  Everything is an advertising billboard now!